Now I see IU, now IU don't

>> Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Eclipse 3.6M3 went out the door over the weekend, along with a lot of Halloween candy.

Sometimes, you can have too much Halloween candy. And sometimes, you can have too many IUs in your p2 repo. Don't believe me - just look at this repo with bogus bundles - scary!

Both scenarios can cause your friendly neighbourhood release engineer pain. This is unusual because we're a very pain tolerant people. To alleviate the suffering, the p2 team added an Ant task in 3.6M3 that allows you to remove bundles from your repo. As much as I love spending quality time at the command line modifying metadata, Ant tasks that automate tedious jobs are even better.

The p2.remove.iu task will remove both the metadata and the bundle from the repository for a specified IU. For example, if you had bogus packed* bundles in your repo, this task would remove them.

<repository location="file://${reposource}" />
<iu id="" artifacts="(format=packed)" />
<iu id="" artifacts="(format=packed)" />
<iu id="" artifacts="(format=packed)" />
<iu id="" artifacts="(format=packed)" />

This task is useful if you'd like to remove some built time bundles from your repo. Or just correct a mistake after a release. It happens. In any case, it's all good. Almost as tasty as chocolate.

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