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>> Thursday, January 07, 2010

I subscribe to many eclipse mailing lists. This means I get a lot of email that's sorted by various filters so my inbox doesn't explode with all the traffic.

However, there are some Eclipse projects that I'm interested in, but not going to participate actively on the mailing list. This reminds me of the pig and chicken analogy. I'm somewhat involved in the other projects, but I'm committed to others. From implementing Scrum

Luckily, each eclipse.org mailing list also has a RSS feed.

For instance, this time of the year, it's interesting to watch the EclipseCon Program Committee feed. Lots of discussions regarding which talks will get the final +1 for the 2010 program.

Or you may have an interest in what's happening in e4, but don't want all the email that this very active project generates.


Miles Parker 5:03 PM  

Thanks Kim, great idea. I don't use RSS nearly as much as I should and I do end up agonizing a bit about wether to sbscribe to those tweener lists.

Ian Bull 8:11 AM  

Kim, your link goes to implementingscript.com (notice script).

Kim Moir 10:55 AM  

Thanks Ian, I have fixed the bogus link.

Michael Vizdos 6:22 PM  

Hey Kim,

Good stuff. It's Mike Vizdos from implementingscrum.com and I appreciate you posting my cartoon on the site.

There may be other "treasure" comics out there and feel free to use any from my site when referenced!

Thanks again,

- mike vizdos

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