Eclipse Run Time was a Fun Time

>> Monday, March 22, 2010

We had 30+ people turn out for EclipseCon exercise this morning.  This is a new EclipseCon Exercise attendance record!  Way to go!

EclipseSource generously provided technical t-shirts. Since so many people showed up, they all were distributed the first day.

Today's contest category for an Eclipse jacket was "Runner from farthest away".  The winning runner was from India.   Congratulations! Thanks to the Eclipse Foundation for supporting this event.

We went for between a 5-6K run on the bike trail behind the conference centre.  There were lots of different pace groups.  Some first time runners.  Great job everyone!  If you had a hard time with the run, remember that pace makes a huge difference.  So slow it down a bit if you didn't feel good when you got back to the conference centre. It's just a fun run not a race.    No need to feel nauseous before breakfast :-)

When we returned to the Hyatt, the staff had water bottles and towels for everyone.

Thanks to those who had run this route last year and led the way. I  look forward to seeing you tomorrow morning.


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