Eclipse Top Ten #7: Finding common ground goes the distance

>> Thursday, April 22, 2010

In the eclipse community,
sometimes there’s public humiliation,
and sometimes there’s bribery.
Have you ever bought someone a beer to encourage a bug fix? I think many of us have.
Asked a pointed question on a mailing list to try to shame people into action? Yes.
However, the only real thing that works in the end
and that will get people working together
is common ground.
You both have to care about the same feature or bug fix.
Enough that you are willing to commit your own time and effort to get it implemented.

And the interesting thing is, that once you have a group of people who care about moving forward on the same issue.

What do you get?


Here's a picture of the companies that are contributing to Equinox p2 or are basing products on it today.

The p2 bundles were released into the Eclipse SDK in 3.4M6 (March 2008). We've come a long way.

Public humiliation and bribery can only go so far. Finding common ground goes the distance.

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Christian Campo 1:41 AM  

Hi Kim,

cool post. However I believe you missed Stefan Liebig as committer of p2 who works for compeople.

You didnt show their logo in your pic for some reason.


Kim Moir 8:08 AM  

Okay I'll update the slides. The way I compiled the list is that I asked on the p2-dev list for a list of companies building on p2 technology.

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