Mozilla pushes - January 2015

>> Friday, February 13, 2015

Here's January 2015's monthly analysis of the pushes to our Mozilla development trees. You can load the data as an HTML page or as a json file.

We're back to regular volume after the holidays. Also, it's really cold outside in some parts of the of the Mozilla world.  Maybe committing code > going outside.

10798 pushes
348 pushes/day (average)
Highest number of pushes/day: 562 pushes on Jan 28, 2015
18.65 pushes/hour (highest)

General Remarks
Try had around around 42% of all the pushes
The three integration repositories (fx-team, mozilla-inbound and b2g-inbound) account around 24% of all of the pushes

August 2014 was the month with most pushes (13,090  pushes)
August 2014 has the highest pushes/day average with 422 pushes/day
July 2014 has the highest average of "pushes-per-hour" with 23.51 pushes/hour
October 8, 2014 had the highest number of pushes in one day with 715 pushes 


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