Mozilla pushes - May 2015

>> Friday, June 12, 2015

Here's May 2015's monthly analysis of the pushes to our Mozilla development trees. You can load the data as an HTML page or as a json file.


The number of pushes decreased from those recorded in the previous month (8894) with a total of 8363. 


  • 8363 pushes
  • 270 pushes/day (average)
  • Highest number of pushes/day: 445 pushes on May 21, 2015
  • 16.03 pushes/hour (highest average)

General Remarks
  • Try has around 62% of all the pushes now
  • The three integration repositories (fx-team, mozilla-inbound and b2g-inbound) account around 27% of all the pushes.

  • August 2014 was the month with most pushes (13090  pushes)
  • August 2014 had the highest pushes/day average with 422 pushes/day
  • July 2014 had the highest average of "pushes-per-hour" with 23.51 pushes/hour
  • October 8, 2014 had the highest number of pushes in one day with 715 pushes 


armenzg 5:22 PM  

It seems that more load is sent to the try server.
Should we look into our hardware pools are properly distributed?

Perhaps a different report should help us see how much total runtime is put to each pool every month (excluding AWS).

Kim Moir 11:01 AM  

Thanks Armen, great suggestions. Try usage is up but as I mentioned last month, the numbers are a bit skewed because we don't include gaia-try anymore since they run on taskcluster. Will have to try to acquire an incorporate those numbers.

Revamping the report is an excellent idea, especially with some of our graphite numbers on total runtime.

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