Eclipse and Equinox 3.6M4 now available

>> Friday, December 11, 2009

Ho ho ho.
Ho ho ho.
We are Eclipse's elves.

We are Eclipse's elves,
Filling mirrors with M4,
Another milestone out the door.

Oh, we are Eclipse's elves,
We work hard all day,
Debug and refactor is our play,
Bugs we stamp out,
Hurray, the community shouts!

We are Eclipse's elves,
We ship on time each year,
We don't like to brag,
Just sync, commit and tag,
Install new bundles without lag.

We all know who's been good,
Resolved the bugs you should,
Eclipse is you,
Grab a bug and become a committer too!

We are Eclipse's elves.
Ho ho ho. Ho ho ho.
We fix the code ourselves.
Ho Ho!

The Eclipse and Equinox team are happy to announce the release of the Eclipse 3.6M4 milestone.

New and noteworthy

Update to 3.6M4 by adding this site to your list of available sites

Equinox Downloads

Eclipse Downloads

Happy Holidays and New Year from the Eclipse and Equinox projects!


Ian Bull 7:49 PM  

Herbie doesn't like to write code. Herbie doesn't like to write code.

Thanks for the song and some good'ol childhood memories.

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