December splash screen contest: Prizes++

>> Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Last week, I announced the December splash screen contest. Since then, we've had some entries from Olivier Thomann. Very creative. Look at this

Or this.

We need more people to submit splash screens to to the contest. Here's the bug where you can submit your entry. It doesn't have to be a holiday theme, it can be whatever you'd like.

As an added bonus, the generous folks at the Eclipse foundation (hi Ian and Lynn) have offered to donate some eclipse bling to the prize pot. So the total prize package for the December splash screen contest will be

1. Friends of Eclipse membership
2. Eclipse t-shirt
3. $50 donation to Eclipse in your name

An Eclipse t-shirt? Does it give you special powers like the famous "three wolves t-shirt"?

I guess you'll have to enter the contest to find out. Fire up your favourite graphics editor and submit a splash screen to bug 296918


Lynn Gayowski 6:51 AM  

Let me assure you - the Eclipse t-shirt powers are real. Take it from someone who has a bobblehead of themselves and a "The Office" calendar on display right now.

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